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C R I S P !


​Jody Calendar, as a cultural change agent and corporate trainer, will teach business and non-profit leaders and staff how to become proactive problem solvers who are accountable, flexible, creative and effective.

Through CRISP interactive tailored exercises, Jody Calendar will help companies embrace change, balance work flow and create a stimulating, performance-based environment predicated on respect, collaboration and constructive problem solving.


Calendar Communications, LLC will give businesses the skill sets to clarify purpose, align systems, project confidence, navigate transformational change, think critically and build a group of dynamic leaders who communicate strategically.

Say the word with energy, trill the "R" and pop the "P"! 


That's Jody Calendar's motivational management style and has become the trademark of her internationally recognized strategic messaging and leadership seminars. Her edge is blending knowledge and a depth of experience with humor

and metaphor.

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