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E. Donald Lass

Press Communications, LLC

1329 Campus Parkway 

Neptune, NJ 07753





To Whom it May Concern, 


Traditional business models face daunting problems adapting to the digital age. All businesses must do more with less. Growth is negligible. Margins face ever-mounting pressure. Values have changed. It has been a struggle for most to climb out of the devastating recession of 2008.


Here is where Jody Calendar comes in. Jody is the founder and president of Calendar Communications, LLC which specializes in teaching organizational change, leadership, and management skills. She came from the newspaper industry, which has faced more problems than most, and now consults with media companies, health systems, the U.S. Department of State, the National Park Service, Small Business Development Centers, and many others. She is both a trainer and consultant, and has produced results wherever she has worked.


My experience with Jody goes back to 1971 when she started her long career at the Asbury Park Press. As the Press grew, Jody grew with it:  She started as a rookie and later became the Deputy Executive Editor responsible for news gathering, personnel, and the budget of the 250 member newsroom staff; she was the "spark plug" of the staff; her enthusiasm and personal skills were contagious, and the result measurable. Later she developed national training prototypes for the Associated Press, and served as an adjunct professor at Rutgers University and Brookdale Community College. Most recently she has worked with executives at Baptist Health Systems/Vanguard in Texas, and dozens of large corporations, many of them in New Jersey. 


As the former President and CEO of New Jersey Press and Editor and Publisher of the Asbury Park Press until 1997, I can attest to Jody Calendar's skills, integrity, and dedications. Her interactive group sessions are inspiring, her team exercises dynamic, and the results measurable. No wonder New Jersey Magazine named her one of the state's most interesting people! I strongly recommend her to you. 



E.Donald Lass




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