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Jerry Ceppos

Manship School of Mass Communication

213 Journalism Building

Louisiana State University

    Baton Rouge, LA 70803Jour 






To Whom It May Concern:



I've known Jody Calendar for perhaps 20 years and wasn't at all surprised that she had the ability to make things happen.

After all, she ran two big newsrooms and knows, as they say (or used to say), how to get the paper out. 


But I was delighted to observe that Jody also has tremendous teaching capabilities; I'd like to hire her at LSU. I actually can remember the day that the Credibility Roundtables of the Associated Press Managing Editors were born and also remember wondering if a complicated, nationwide project could sustain teaching quality. Jody made it happen. Likewise, she actually was the person who designed the original APME News Train project, which was invited into newsrooms around the country; the fact that it exists all these years later is a tribute to Jody. It seems to me that many of us today need a leader with two big capabilities: the confidence and knowledge to put complicated, geographically diverse projects together and the ability to design a learning program and either hire good teachers or teach it herself. Jody is your person on both counts.




Jerry Ceppos


Manship School of Mass Communication




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