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Elizabeth K. Parker

National Newspaper Association 

New Jersey Hills Media Group

23 Morristown Road

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To Whom it May Concern, 


Jody Calendar is the most energetic, dynamic and fun newsroom leader I have ever met after nearly 40 years in the business.


I have seen her in many capacities over the years and as both of our careers in the business evolved - from her Asbury Park Press municipal bureau chief to my rookie beat reporter, from her Deputy Executive Editor at the Asbury Park Press and later Managing Editor at The Record in charge of large daily newsrooms to my working with an award-winning news staff at my own weekly newspaper company, and finally to her seminars as Calendar Communications, LLC tutoring, engaging and challenging my editorial staff at the 15-weekly newspaper group, New Jersey Hills Media Group - I have constantly found her to be remarkable in her passion, energy and insight.


She is dynamic at teaching organizational change, leadership and the constantly changing challenges of news information gathering in the digital age and she is passionate about all what we do in the business and how we do it.


But she is funny, too, and charismatic in her presentations and, as aresult, people listen. They are enthralled, engaged and then, subsequently, committed. It seems to be a win-win for both presenter and presenters.


I would highly recommend her.




Liz Parker


Elizabeth K. Parker, President 

National Newspaper Association 


Co-Publisher/Executive Editor

New Jersey Hills Media Group





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