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Jeff Cowart, Senior Vice President, Detroit Medical Center



To Prospective Clients:

This letter serves as my highest recommendation for the writing, editing and storytelling skills of Jody Calendar. Even more, truly compelling writing requires understanding of narrative frameworks, message packaging, and audience context. Jody's understanding and mastery of these elements only serve to enhance her overall writing and editing capabilities.

I have known Jody for more than two decades, as a journalist and editor, as a nationally recognized writing coach, and as a superb trainer and coach in corporate leadership and organizational management. Our work has put us shoulder-to-shoulder in the journalistic storytelling field. I have invited her to the prestigious American Press institute where I was a director to teach some of the nation's best journalists how to be more powerful in their writing. I have hired her as a consultant at both for-profit and not-for-profit healthcare organizations where I served as vice president and senior vice president to teach leadership and management skills to our teams -- and writing.

In short, Jody is among the best in the nation when it comes to teaching and delivering excellent writing. This is not just an opinion from one who has experienced and enjoyed her work over the years. Jody's numerous awards and recognitions from independent and tough critics validate her skills and expertise.

And, finally, in working with a contract writer or consultant, I know that the client needs diligence to the task, smart and efficient collaboration, and a final product that helps us put our best foot forward. Because of Jody's diverse experience and skills, her engaging style, and her drive to do best work always, she has never fallen short in any assignment she has done for me. Add to that her great nature as a human being and a terrific sense of humor and you get a true member of your team who can help move your agendas forward.

Jeff Cowart
Senior Vice President
Detroit Medical Center

SVP Strategies LLC
P.O. Box 90208
San Antonio, TX 78209


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