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Joanne DiNero

Joanne DiNero, Senior Project Director, specializes in strategic research and trends analysis, program development and editing.


Her expertise keeps Calendar Communications, LLC, current about successful national and international innovative communications and business models.


Applying that knowledge, Joanne then custom tailors seminars to the needs of our clients.

Joanne’s people skills, organizational abilities, research skills and teaching background help her frame CRISP, effective seminars that build productive, flexible, performance-based, proactive teams that maximize time management and inspire trust and respect.


She was an integral part of the development of the Associated Press Managing Editor’s News Train initiative that to date has educated more than 4,000 editors around the country.


Joanne was also instrumental in facilitating the National Credibility Roundtables project, which fostered dialogue between media outlets and their audience across the continental United States and Alaska – to ensure fairness, accuracy, clarity, and balance; all critical elements of strategic messaging. 


She also has organized many focus groups, community forums, and has facilitated multiple corporate training teams. Joanne has judged numerous regional and national editorial and photography contests and is well respected in the national journalism and corporate communities.

Tel: 732-389-4985

Fax: 732-542-8463

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